Report a Crime

Stopping Crime Is Every Citizen's Responsibility.



You do not give your name, you remain anonymous, and you are eligible for a cash reward. 

TIPS Hotline 956.727.TIPS (8477)

Laredo's Most Wanted

Alberto E. Guerra

Alfredo A. Espinoza

Fabian Vasquez

Miguel A. Villegas


Laredo Crime Stoppers, Inc. was formed as a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization in 1981, for the specific and primary purpose to obtain information about crimes, wanted persons and criminal activities; to help develop a community offensive against crime; to motivate members of the public to cooperate with law enforcement agencies; and to provide for rewards and award such cooperation.

It is made up of a volunteer board of directors that involves citizens, media, and area law enforcement agencies in an effective crime control program which provides resources necessary for concerned citizens to solve crimes which make them eligible for a cash reward up to $1,000.00.

Our Mission

Laredo Crime Stoppers, Inc.’s mission is to solve and prevent crime in Laredo/Webb County area in partnership with citizens, media, and the criminal justice system.

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